Practice Plan, Tuesday January 20th: One Day a Week Program

Hello 1-day a week BKL families,

Last night’s rain was disappointing, but we think we still have enough snow to get around Garipay!  As of today, Dartmouth is planning on grooming Garipay on Tuesday morning, which will minimize the potentially icy conditions.

Your children all deserve a huge round of applause for braving all sorts of conditions this year… Rain, wind, cold temperatures, ice, and minimal snow.

Location: Garipay Field
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic


  1. JOIN OUR SNACK CELEBRATION, starting at 4:30! Thank you for those who have volunteered to bring something. Even if you didn’t sign up, please feel free to bring something to share if you able. Please sign out your child, and THEN join the snack celebration. Meet your child’s coaches and other parents and skiers! We are hoping to have all of the BKL skiers at Garipay Field tomorrow (1-day, 2-day, and 3-day a week programs), so it will be a great opportunity to have our full K-8 skiing community come together in one place! Be prepared for a full parking lot!
  2. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Temps are predicted at 20 F, with winds around 8 MPH. PLEASE send your children dressed in non-cotton layers and make sure they have dry, warm, non-cotton socks (e.g. SmartWool). Please minimize their exposed skin. A buff covering their neck and cheeks will be great – and you might cover the rest of their face in a lotion to prevent it from getting chapped.
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