Practice Plan for Thursday, December 18, 2014


Location: Oak Hill
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Skate
Wax Recommendation: Basic glide wax
Upcoming Race: FS New Year’s Family Fun Races at Thetford Academy 1pm 1/1/15


  1. It’s gonna be funky out there tomorrow! Gotta love New England. But we’ll take the white stuff any way we can get it. Smile about it and your kids will smile, too.
  2. Want some help with the basics of ski waxing?  We are offering two sessions of “Nordic ski waxing for beginners” this week, one on Thursday Dec. 18 (during practice) and the other on Saturday Dec. 20 (4-5pm, location TBA).  To sign up, please email letting us know which day you prefer.  Not available at either of these times?  Don’t worry, more opportunities are coming soon.
  3. Sorry that Mike/Dartmouth had to leave the cabin early on Tuesday. I know it threw some of you off. You can go to the Occum Pond house to pick up your ski passes. I (Ashely) have all the coaches’ passes in my car.
  4. If you like to read about top level skiing, check out the National Nordic Foundation site. You can “subscribe” to receive their news as emails, too. There’s some interesting(terrifying?!) information on the use of double poling in racing and you can check out some fun videos on ski development, too!
  5. Remember, we don’t have practice next Tuesday. Have a great holiday and hope to see you on New Year’s Day at 1:00 at Thetford Academy! Let Vicki know if you can bring a treat to share! Her email is in a previous post.
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