Canadian Ski Marathon

CSM 2015: The Snow Geese (the Upper Valley’s large touring team) is getting organized for the Canadian Ski Marathon Feb. 7-8 2015. The registration fee will increase after September 30th. See for rates.

If you want to be part of the Snow Geese, just select Corporate Team as the team type and on the next screen you’ll find Snow Geese in the pull down menu. The results of the best 20 skiers in a corporate team are used to calculate awards, which means that sections you complete can only add to the team total.

Skiers should be comfortable classic xc skiing for at least 10 miles over varied terrain, and it helps to have a good sense of humor! The entire marathon runs about 100 miles over two days through the Laurentians between Montreal and Ottawa, but skiers can choose how many 10 mile segments they want to ski. Nacio Levey, 7th grader in Ford Sayre, skied 6 sections last time, and really enjoyed both the skiing and the check-point snacks!

For more information about the CSM and the Snow Geese, e-mail or phone Barbara DeFelice or Chris Levey at , 802-785-4121. We’ll be holding a potluck this fall for people who want more information about the CSM or who are ready to go and want to coordinate housing and travel!

Please forward this invitation to others who may be interested.

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