U14 State Championship Thank You

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to make our U14 State Championships a success. The program director heard from every program in the state and each one had very positive things to say about the race and our program. Unlike most of the other programs in the state, we’re a SMALL community based organization that only holds a handful of races each year. In contrast, some programs hold up to a dozen races and require parents to “volunteer” to work 6 or more races! To help put this in perspective, our total U14 team only has 24 athletes. Some programs sent many more than this to the State Championships! Although we may have lacked race experience and people power, we clearly made up for it with enthusiasm and community support. Kudos to all!

Special kudos:

  • Gerd for his tireless efforts each day. I worked side-by-side each day and after he ran me into the ground, he continued to make sure every detail was accounted for. If it wasn’t done, he got it done. He was often first on the hill and last to get off.
  • Jim Healy, Race Coordinator, for helping plan and coordinate the weekend.
  • Suzi Curtis for making sure EVERY athlete walked away with a smile and style. Did I mention she also coordinated sweatshirts, goodie bags, logos, etc., for the U12s too?
  • Jay Rozzi, Chief of Race, for making sure the training day and race days ran smoothly. He spent many hours in preparation for this race and he executed perfectly.
  • Liz Hackett and the registration crew. You handled the masses and kept things running smoothly.
  • U14 coaching staff who made sure our kids had positive attitudes while skiing fast!
  • Countless other volunteers who stepped up beyond their min worker requirements to help make sure this was a success. Corey, Erzo, Petra, Edie, Karen, and all the other parents who make being part of this organization a joy.

Below are links for champs photos. We hired gameface media as our official champs photographers and they have made all the photos available:


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