Bogburn Classic Cross-Country Ski Race, Jan. 4, 2014


NORTH POMFRET, VT. —  The Cambridge Sports Union hosted the 30th Annual Bogburn Classic Cross-Country Ski Race on Saturday, January 4th.  More than 132 skiers from all over New England brave the frigid temperatures and turned out for a day of very exciting nordic racing.  Many Upper Valley skiers look forward to this event every season and there was a strong turnout by racers from Ford Sayre.

Ford Sayre skier Evan Nichols won the boys third- and fourth-grade race finishing the loop in a 10:53. Cormac Leahy of Craftsbury finished second in 11:39, and West River’s Wyatt Teaford came in third in 12:19. Other local finishers were Hugh Clark (4th, Ford Sayre, 12:42), Jack Lange (5th, Ford Sayre, 13:05), Simon Phipps (7th, Ford Sayre, 13:39), Christian Blix (9th, Ford Sayre, 14:35), and Andre Davis (15th, Ford Sayre, 19:28).

In the third- and fourth-grade girls race, Elsa Bolinger of Ford Sayre won with a time of 11:10. Phoebe Hussey of Frost Mountain finished second in 11:39, and Ford Sayre’s Ann Rightmire finished third in 13:11. Other Upper Valley racers were Sarah Glueck (4th, Ford Sayre, 13:52), Katie Davis (5th, Ford Sayre, 14:29), and Margaret Frost (7th, Ford Sayre, 14:56).

In the boys fifth- and sixth-grade race, Griffin Wright of Danville won with a time of 11:34. Chris Feist of EMBK finished second in 13:55, and Ford Sayre’s Daniel Bandler finished third in 14:33. A strong squad of local skiers claimed the next five places: Vincent Levey (5th, Ford Sayre, 15:49), Daniel Frost (6th, Ford Sayre, 16:05), Peter Burnham (7th, Ford Sayre, 17:21), Noah Phipps (8th, Ford Sayre, 17:23), and Erik Blix (9th, Ford Sayre, 17:37).

Quincy Massey-Bierman from Craftsbury Nordic skied the course in 13:20 for the win in the fifth- and sixth-grade girls race. Ava Thurston of Mansfield Nordic finished second in 13:51, and Ford Sayre’s Lucy Glueck finished third in 14:17. Other local finishers were Liz Rightmire (4th, Ford Sayre, 15:07), Carly Milliken (7th, Ford Sayre, 15:31), and Eloise Silver-VanMeter (9th, Ford Sayre, 16:23).

Frost Mountain’s Sam Hodges won the seventh- and eighth-grade boys race with a blistering time of 15:11. Thom Hussey of Frost Mountain finished second in 16:19, and Frost Mountain’s Cade Christner finished third in 17:19. Other Upper Valley skiers included Andy Rightmire (6th, Ford Sayre, 18:34), Jack Burnham (7th, Ford Sayre, 20:08), Oliver Wilson (9th, Woodstock Nordic, 20:55), and Malcolm Silver-VanMeter (10th, Ford Sayre, 23:06).

Perrin Milliken from Ford Sayre finished the course in 18:41 for the win in the seventh- and eighth-grade girls race. Ford Sayre’s Greta Bolinger (19:31) and Ingrid Miller (19:39) finished second and third. Other local finishers were Kennedy Lange (4th, Ford Sayre, 19:42), Cassandra Nichols (6th, Ford Sayre, 20:56), Olivia Brooks (7th, Woodstock Nordic, 22:25), and Tessa Cahoon (8th, Ford Sayre, 23:24).

Stratton Mountain’s Russell Boswell won the J2 (under age 16) men’s 7km race in a time of 25:19. Erik Lindahl of Ford Sayre finished 3rd with a time of 25:55 and Adam Glueck of Ford Sayre finished 5th in 27:38. Ford Sayre skier Richard Powell finished 1st in the Men’s master 5 standings with a time of  51:30 over 13km. Ford Sayre skiers Bryce Wing M6 (54:40), Colin Pogue J1 (55:46), Chris Powell J1 (57:54) and John Chaffee SR (59:44) also had strong finishes over the long course.

Norwich, Vt. skier Kirsten Miller finished 6th in the women’s J2 standings with a time of 32:41 over 7km. Ford Sayre skiers Rosalie Lipfert U23 (31:15), Peg Merrens M4 (33:03), Ellen Chandler M5 (33:21) and Cindy Glueck M3 (35:01) logged very good finishes in the women’s masters standings. Ford Sayre skiers Ann Osborn (34:50) and Sara Spencer (37:49) finished well in the women’s J2 standings.

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