2011 Ford Sayre Golf Tournament Thanks

Wow…what a day and great turnout for the Ford Sayre Golf Tournament & Barbeque earlier this month. We want to thank all of the participants for coming out, as well as the sponsors who made this event possible. We had a total of 163 people at the event and we raised almost $11,000!!! What a great way to celebrate 75 years of Ford Sayre ski programs in the Upper Valley!
Some of the highlights of the event:
  • An eight-some coming down the #2 fairway with a dog in tow (names are being withheld, so they can play next time).
  • A line drive chip in by one of our talented (not in golf) participants.
  • Great music from Brooks Hubbard – drove up from Lowell, MA just for the event (check him out when he is playing locally!)
  • Cooch panicking because the chicken wasn’t cooking fast enough.
  • Blues loving…rib cooking…Tex Tariot cooking up some of the best ribs we have ever tasted.
  • One of our younger competitors hitting it to 19” on a par three to take the prize. Dad could only stand and watch in awe.
  • Clarke and Schiffman sporting some fine golfing threads….we are thinking LOUD golf attire for all participants at the next event.
A final thanks to our sponsors; please remember them when you are out and about…
Paul Decker DDS & Janice Pilon DDS
Sleek Design
Cuttings Northside Café
Lyme Veterinary Hospital
Green’s Appliance Service

A final thanks to our sponsors; please remember them when you are out and about…

A special thanks to the following families and individuals for their help and support:

  • Blatchford Family
  • Couture Family
  • Gray Family
  • Holly Ricker
  • Rozzi Family
  • Sacerdote Family
  • Spitz Family

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. Now we can start thinking snow!!!

Ford Sayre Golf & Barbeque Committee
Cooch & Michelle Couture
Jon & Connie Blatchford
Betsy Knights
Sara Vargo
Jay Rozzi
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