Nordic BKL Volunteer Coach


Coach: A skier who enjoys working with children and has the appropriate skills to instruct at his/her assigned grade level.

  • Makes every effort to attend NENSA or Ford Sayre Nordic coaching clinic
  • Attends meeting organized by grade level Lead Coach and/or Head Coach
  • Becomes familiar with appropriate materials in Ford Sayre Nordic Coaching Manual
  • Works on a regular basis with a group of skiers as designated by the Lead Coach
  • Reviews practice plan in advance of practice as communicated by Lead Coach and prepares appropriately to deliver the practice plan to skiers
  • If co-coaching a group of skiers, communicates with coaching partner to ensure continuity in activities, coaching techniques and strategies
  • Communicates with Lead Coach about specific athlete needs/issues
  • Notifies Lead Coach in advance if unable to attend practice
  • Attends races when possible and supports grade level and all Ford Sayre athletes
  • Ensures that each skier has a fun and positive experience and makes progress in skiing technique
  • Receives free Dartmouth XC Trails Pass
  • Receives team discounts for ski gear at Omer and Bob’s Team Night