Nordic BKL Head Coach

Head Coach: An experienced skier, preferably with ski racing experience, with strong organizational and communication skills.  Someone who understands skier development across BKL age ranges.

  • Stays current with coaching and skiing best practices
  • Develops, maintains and updates Ford Sayre Nordic Coaching Manual on website
  • With Program Head and Lead Coaches, plans and implements annual pre-season Ford Sayre coach meeting/clinic
  • Communicates best practices to Ford Sayre coaching community and ensures that Ford Sayre coaching practices are appropriately aligned with Skier Development grid
  • Determines skill sets required of coaches depending on grade level groups and creates balanced coaching teams for each grade level
  • Provides Lead Coaches with weekly reminders of general training goals, progressions, common language and techniques
  • Supports/guides Lead Coaches in athletes’ age-appropriate goal-setting process and follow-through
  • Ensures that appropriate coaches and wax crew are assigned to and attend races
  • Provides Lead Coaches with feedback at the end of the season based on survey results or communicates with them earlier if issues arise
  • Fills in for missing coaches when necessary
  • Skis with and rotates among age groups to observe and offer assistance/feedback
  • Maintains program wax and equipment
  • With JNT Head Coach, arranges Team Night with Omer & Bob’s (Program Head involvement?)
  • With Program Head and Lead Coaches, determines daily practice location and technique focus
  • With Program Head, sets and monitors budget and helps prioritize needs/acquisitions
  • Tracks each coach’s practice attendance and/or race coaching
  • Receives a free pass to Oak Hill and is paid a stipend
  • Receives team discounts for ski gear at Omer and Bob’s Team Night