Nordic BKL Grade Level Lead Coach

Lead Coach: A skier with the appropriate experience to organize and lead the grade level for which he or she is responsible.

  • Attends NENSA and/or Ford Sayre pre-season coach training session
  • Attends pre-season meeting with Head Coach and Program Head
  • Organizes pre-season meeting with grade level Coaches under his/her supervision
  • Acts as communication hub for skier families in age group
    • Sends intro email to age-group families before first practice
    • Touches base when necessary/regularly with families regarding practices, races, logistics specific to grade level
    • Requests formal feedback 2-3 1x/month using Committee generated survey
  • For grades 5 and above, interviews skiers pre-season for goal setting/expectations
  • Designs groups of skiers based on combination of results from skier interviews and observations during dry land training and facilitates changes in groupings when necessary
  • Coordinates the grade level Coaches and assigns them to skier groups
  • Creates a written practice plan for each dry land and on-snow practice with appropriate variations for various levels (program will develop common template to use)
  • Communicates written practice plans to coaching team, Head Coach and Program Heads by email before practices
  • Coordinates attendance at beginning of practices and sign-out at ends of practices
  • Coaches one group of skiers each practice (same group?  different groups?)
  • Attends as many races as possible and supports grade level and all Ford Sayre skiers both before and after races
  • Receives a free pass to Oak Hill and a stipend
  • Receives team discounts for ski gear at Omer and Bob’s Team Night