Volunteer Onboarding


VOLUNTEERS! Thank you for registering in TeamSnap for the current season. Please follow the steps below to complete the onboarding process…

  1. Obtain or renew your US Ski & Snowboard membership (everyone should get the “volunteer” level, unless your program has instructed otherwise)
  2. Download the TeamSnap app
  3. Know where to find Ford Sayre policies & resources

US Ski & Snowboard Membership

Your participation in Ford Sayre programming is contingent upon having a valid US Ski and Snowboard membership, which requires completion of a background check, SafeSport training, and an Avalanche course. ALL MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED and the status of your membership must be listed as VALID on the US Ski & Snowboard web site in order for you to attend in-person practices.

Reimbursement can be obtained by emailing your transaction receipt (which comes via email from USSA) directly to Lisa Bates (at bookkeeper@fordsayre.org) with a note listing the program you are volunteering for (Alpine/Jumping/Nordic/SkiMo) and the address to which you’d like your reimbursement mailed.

CHOOSE THE “VOLUNTEER” LEVEL MEMBERSHIP (at a cost of $65) unless your program has told you otherwise.

“COACH” level memberships are only needed for coaches attending a USSA race/event (and cost $150). If you normally get a higher level of membership (Coach or Official), you must have prior approval from the Head Coach or your program head(s). Please note that late fees for COACH and OFFICIAL memberships go into effect as of October 16th.


For help obtaining your US Ski & Snowboard membership, please reference these tips:

  • Go to https://my.usskiandsnowboard.org/membership/become-member-online and get a VOLUNTEER level membership (the cost is $65). Select the VOLUNTEER membership, unless you have been told by your program that you will need a “COACH” membership. For step-by-step directions, including screen shots of the process, click HERE.
  • AFTER you have gotten a USSA membership, COMPLETE the mandated SafeSport core training, and make sure you have linked it to your USSA membership. This training is required EVERY season. You can review detailed SafeSport instructions HERE. For answers to commonly asked questions about SafeSport, including what to do if you have completed training for another organization, click HERE. Time commitment is 20-90 minutes, depending on the course you are scheduled to complete.
  • Next, you will need to register for your background screening (only required every TWO seasons). If you are due to complete a background screening, you will see a notice and link at the top of your USSA account page (do not try to initiate a background screen if you are not being prompted to do so). This process needs to be completed on a computer, laptop or other device that allows for uploading a picture of your driver’s license or passport. File size must be less than 4MB. You can review detailed background screening instructions HEREThere is NO extra fee for the background screening, as long as you register using the 8-digit USSA applicant code: 11392848. Time commitment is 15 minutes.
  • The last component of USSA membership is to take an avalanche course. It’s required for all memberships and the module can be quirky (you can’t have a shared USSA account, for example). To access the course, log into your USSA account, and find the link at the top of your screen – note, this course is only required every TWO seasons. Time commitment is 10-15 minutes.
  • If you are still having trouble, contact the Ford Sayre administrator: admin@fordsayre.org

TeamSnap App

Please download the TeamSnap app. We now have the functionality to use the TeamSnap app for communications, attendance, and special announcements.

Policies & Resources

You can find the most up-to-date COVID-19 protocol on our website, HERE.

To review polices and protocols specific to athlete safety, please click HERE.