Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my 5-year old participate in DEVO?

A: Generally not. The DEVO program is designed for 6-7 year olds. 5-year olds may occasionally participate but this is rare. Families will generally be advised to enjoy another year of free skiing with their child or to enroll him or her in a Skiway class, such as the Gateway program, to get another season under their belt.

The most likely scenario for a 5-year old to participate in DEVO is when they have a parent who is coaching and having the child participate eases logistical burdens.

Pre-approval from DEVO head coach and Children’s Alpine Racing administrators is required prior to registration

Q: Can my child “ski up” in the next age group.

A: Devo and U10, rarely, and only when head coaches for both age groups believe it is right for the child. Use the following criteria:

  • The coaches at the skiers correct age group feels that the child is so far ahead of EVERYONE else in the program that the skier will not progress if they stay at that level.  At the Devo level they need to have gapped the other kids both in technique and speed.
  • Coaches at both age groups feel the child is mature enough to handle a potentially difficult social situation. Remember, if the child has truly gapped all their peers, then they will likely be skiing with one of the upper groups in the new age group. This means a two year age gap, which is very significant socially.
    • With younger children, big changes often occur during the off season. Always consider starting child in regular age group and then moving them up as the season progresses if it proves necessary.
    • Only if both head coaches agree that moving child up is best.
    • Skier will pay program fee of the higher program if they choose to move up.

A: U12 and U14 athletes, rarely, and only in accordance with the policies and procedures established by USSA and NHARA.

Q: Can my U10 participate in midweek training with U12s and U14s?

A: No. Limited coaching capacity and a need for equity means we cannot accommodate requests for U10s to train with our older groups.

U10s may occasionally have midweek training as a team, at the discretion of the U10 head coach.