Ski Jumping

The original Xtreme sport….

Nordic Combined group

Group at Jan 28, 2017 Nordic Combined competition

Ford Sayre jumpers after a meet at Storrs Hill in Lebanon

Ford Sayre jumpers after a meet at Storrs Hill in Lebanon – Jan. 2013


Dryland Training Dec. 2015

Dryland Training Dec. 2015

  • Mike Holland (Sarajevo & Calgary Olympic Teams) – Ford Sayre
  • Joe Holland (Calgary & Albertville Olympic Teams) – Ford Sayre
  • Heidi Nichols – Ford Sayre

Train alongside one of the top High School jumping teams in the state.

Nordic Jumping allows skiers to develop the skills and confidence necessary for safe and enjoyable ski jumping. The take-off of the smallest jump is no higher than the seat of a chair. Skiers progress from small to larger jumps, advancing at their own pace. Beginning jumpers may use their alpine skis, eventually transitioning to jumping skis. Equipment is available for use. Helmets are mandatory.

Online Registration under NORDIC programs

Day & Time: Mondays and Wednesdays under the lights 6:00 – 7:30pm
Start Date: January 2nd, 2019
Place: Roger Burt jumps at Oak Hill, Hanover (warm-up building at the jumps)
Program fee: $270
Ages: Grades K to 12
Program Head: Heidi Nichols 603-795-2203 email
Registration: Online Registration
Calendar: Jumping Calendar
Organization The national organization is USA Nordic

Learn about jumping safety…

Before each practice, fine tune your technique on the 13-ft roller jump at the ski jumping complex.

Watch Ski Jump Recruiting Video in Sports

Another interesting ski jumping video….

Behind the scenes: The fascination of Ski Jumping!

How would you describe Ski Jumping and the fascination of this amazing sport?#skijumping #FISskijumping #winterfans

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