Zealand Falls

Zealand Falls Overnight Ski Trip

This trip is typically organized by Ford Sayre parents. It has not happened for a couple of years & there are no current plans for a trip. It has happened over February break, so if you are interested in organizing an upcoming trip, you pick the date! Please contact the Program Director at bkl@fordsayre.org, if interested in organizing a group trip and wish to spread the word.

Families from Ford Sayre nordic club get together for an overnight ski trip to the AMC’s Zealand Falls hut, a backcountry cabin in the White Mountains. Zealand in the winter is a beautiful place, surrounded by craggy mountains and frozen lakes. This is a fun experience for kids and parents alike, and gives all a chance to savor some of the pleasure of skiing beyond practices and racing.

To be clear: this is not an official Ford Sayre sponsored event, but a rather a chance for interested nordic ski families with some comfort in the back country to coordinate their individual efforts to create a memorable experience for their kids. Because it is in the backcountry, all families need to take responsibility for their own preparation and safety. Families with experience can offer advice, but individual families need to exercise judgment about what is reasonable. We don’t recommend participation of children under age 6 at all, and young children in general should only participate if they are competent skiers with some endurance and perseverance.

Basic plans (more details to be provided as the date approaches):

  • We will ski in to the hut, spend the night, and ski back out the next morning.
  • The hut is operated on a caretaker basis in the off-season. We will have access to kitchen facilities, bathrooms, and bunkrooms (with mattress and pillow — bring your sleeping bag). We will work together to prepare a shared dinner and pancake breakfast.
  • Zealand Road is closed in the winter. From US 302 near Twin Mountain, NH, we’ll ski approximately 3.7 miles along the Zealand Road, or the parallel Spruce Goose ski trail. We’ll then go an additional 2.8 miles along the lovely Zealand Trail, which is mostly level or gently rising. It’s a total of 6.5 miles/10 kilometers (and 1400 feet/430 meters of elevation gain) from the highway to the hut. And the next morning, it’s one long gentle downhill glide back out!
  • Weather conditions in the White Mountains can be unpredictable. Parents will be responsible for their own children. All skiers should be old enough and experienced enough to be comfortable skiing 6.5 mi/10 km under potentially cold conditions.

How to sign up:

Each family should make their own reservations using the BKL group’s name and code. To make your reservations, do the following:

  1. Call the AMC Reservations Line at 603-466-2727 Mon-Sat, 9 am to 5 pm.
  2. Give them the group number (will be provided) and name (Bill Koch League), and your credit card information. Be sure they have the right date and facility (Zealand).
  3. When you’ve made your reservation with the AMC, please email the FS organizer┬áto let us know who will be participating.

It may seem early to plan a ski trip, but in previous years the hut filled up quickly, so we encourage families to make their reservations now. The maximum capacity of Zealand Hut is 36 guests. In recent years we’ve managed to completely fill the hut with Ford Sayre and EMBKL families, and we’d like to do that again.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about the plans, please feel free to ask!

We hope you’ll join us!