Nordic Ski for Ks

“Ski for K’s” is an exciting program designed to help motivate our junior skiers to ski more and have fun keeping track of their kilometers (or hours) skied. A fun twist is that the program is open to parents, siblings, and coaches as well – there is something for all of us! Here is how it works: During the ski season, those who choose to participate will set personal goals they wish to achieve in terms of distance (or time) on skis. Participants will be able to keep track of their skiing using the attached chart. As an incentive to race, race distances are doubled and anyone skiing in his or her very first race (a one-time offer) receives TRIPLE distances! At the end of the season, special Ford Sayre Nordic pins are awarded based on the level achieved. Our hope is that this becomes a fun incentive for participants to keep track of their skiing, set goals for themselves, and experience the challenge of meeting their goals. Participation in the program is optional, but it is designed so that anyone who attends most practices and skis a bit more on their own or who participates in races should be able to earn a pin.

Use the table below to think about your skiing for the upcoming season and set your personal goal. You can discuss your goal with your coach. Download the Ski For K’s worksheet. The chart lets you keep track of the distances or hours skied. The table below lets you convert from hours to kilometers. We’ve estimated how many kilometers each grade level grouping skis during an hour-long practice and recommend using that distance for each practice or ski adventure. Use your judgment and adjust as necessary.

If you’d rather do it online, you can opt to use NENSA’s “Nordic Rocks!” online tool to chart your K’s!

Grades Ks/Hour at Practice #Ks for Gold #Ks for Silver #Ks for Bronze
K 1 50 25 10
1 & 2 2 100 50 25
3 & 4 3 175 125 75
5 & 6 4 250 175 100
7 & 8 5 300 225 150
Parent/Coach 3-10 600 300 100