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Ford Sayre in 1984

A group of Ford Sayre parents put together this great video about the history of the Ford Sayre Ski Program in 1984.  It features videos of Ford Sayre volunteers and parents, interviews with Peggy Sayre, footage of Olympians Jeff Hastings and Michael Holland, and lots of Ford Sayre kids in action!

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Ford Sayre Skiers at Eastern Region U16 Championships

The next generation of aspiring Olympic skiers from Ford Sayre was well represented at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, N.Y., site of the US Ski Association Eastern Region U16 Alpine Ski Championships. Three Ford Sayre skiers were among the East Coast racers who competed on Olympic-size courses for two days of super-G, two days of giant slalom and one day of slalom competition, beginning March 5 and concluding on March 10.

NH Alpine Racing Association (NHARA) sent the top 18 girls and top 19 boys.  More than 100 boys and girls in NH competed for those top spots through five qualifying races this winter.

In the girls’ contingent, Courtney Couture competed for Ford Sayre.  In the boys’ competition, there were two Ford Sayre skiers: Nils Kingston and Brian Seltzer.

The event at Whiteface was represented by the top athletes in all eastern states.  The 150 boys and 150 girls represented the top racers from all states from North Carolina north.

The event at Whiteface was a qualifier for two more events.  The top few were selected to attend the Park City Development project hosted by USSA.  The next few made qualified to represent the USA at the Can-Am’s races at Mount Tremblant, Quebec.  Brian qualified for the Park City Project. Both Nils and Courtney qualified for the Can-Am event, though only Nils attended.

Congratulations Courtney, Nils and Brian!

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U14 State Championship Thank You

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to make our U14 State Championships a success. The program director heard from every program in the state and each one had very positive things to say about the race and our program. Unlike most of the other programs in the state, we’re a SMALL community based organization that only holds a handful of races each year. In contrast, some programs hold up to a dozen races and require parents to “volunteer” to work 6 or more races! To help put this in perspective, our total U14 team only has 24 athletes. Some programs sent many more than this to the State Championships! Although we may have lacked race experience and people power, we clearly made up for it with enthusiasm and community support. Kudos to all!

Special kudos:

  • Gerd for his tireless efforts each day. I worked side-by-side each day and after he ran me into the ground, he continued to make sure every detail was accounted for. If it wasn’t done, he got it done. He was often first on the hill and last to get off.
  • Jim Healy, Race Coordinator, for helping plan and coordinate the weekend.
  • Suzi Curtis for making sure EVERY athlete walked away with a smile and style. Did I mention she also coordinated sweatshirts, goodie bags, logos, etc., for the U12s too?
  • Jay Rozzi, Chief of Race, for making sure the training day and race days ran smoothly. He spent many hours in preparation for this race and he executed perfectly.
  • Liz Hackett and the registration crew. You handled the masses and kept things running smoothly.
  • U14 coaching staff who made sure our kids had positive attitudes while skiing fast!
  • Countless other volunteers who stepped up beyond their min worker requirements to help make sure this was a success. Corey, Erzo, Petra, Edie, Karen, and all the other parents who make being part of this organization a joy.

Below are links for champs photos. We hired gameface media as our official champs photographers and they have made all the photos available:


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Wednesday AMP Cancelled

The Wednesday AMP is cancelled today March 12.

However, if you have Ford Sayre bib, you may gain access to the mountain from 12:30 until 4:00. You can organize your own group, ski with your own kids. Kids that have a helmet sticker may ski from 12:30-4:00. Parents may purchase a ticket and ski with kids that have a helmet sticker. Unfortunately there is no access for the Kindergarten program.

To be clear, the roads are treacherous, two cars off the road already this morning. There is no Ford Sayre support, either in the lodge or at the lifts. Kids with helmet stickers must ski with an adult.

The Skiway expects 4-6 inches of heavy wet snow by this afternoon. This type of snow is difficult to ski at the level of most of our kids. It is not like the light fluffy snow we had earlier in the year.

Other than that, have a great time!

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NH State Jumping Meet

JumperNH High School (NHIAA) Ski Jumping Championships

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 at 11:00am (new time due to heavy snow)

Roger Burt Memorial Jump, Oak Hill, Hanover, NH

Watch top Male and Female High School competitors from around the state soar over 100 feet under the lights as they vie for the coveted state title.

BBQ, Music, Campfire, Marshmallows, Athletic Courage!


  • From downtown Hanover take Lyme Road (Route 10 North to the first rotary just before the COOP Foodstore).
  • Take the first right off the rotary onto Reservoir Road.
  • Reservoir road comes to a “T” after roughly 0.7 miles.
  • Take a left down to the Storrs Pond/Oak Hill ski complex.
  • Park there. The jumps are up the hill to the left (hidden by a few trees). From the parking lot you’ll see the lights from the ski jumping complex shining through the trees.



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