Race Work Guidance & Rules

Race Work Guidance and Rules for Fulfilling Your Race Work Obligation

Part of your family’s involvement in the Ford Sayre Junior Alpine Ski Program is contributing to the running of races. Race entry fees help defray the cost of equipment, coaching, and program fees. Ford Sayre is proud of its reputation for hosting excellent races. Running ski races requires many people to ensure that events are run safely, fairly, and efficiently. Therefore, every family must participate. After the sign-up process, individuals will be assigned jobs that are best suited to their experience level. If certain races appear to be shorthanded and others overbooked, shifting of volunteers will be necessary. Thank you in advance for your support.

Race Worker Commitment

  • Devo, U10, U12, U14, FSA: 3 race work commitments per athlete
  • Family Maximum of 4 races

Race Commitment Deposit

For all families, a race commitment deposit of $800 is required. This check will be destroyed at the end of the season if you fulfill your entire commitment.

Consequences of Not Fulfilling Your Commitment

You are responsible for finding a substitute if you are unable to fulfill your commitment. The volunteer coordinator must be notified of any substitutions you make for yourself 48 hours before the race. Not confirming your substitution 48 hours before the race will result in a fine of $100.00 being deducted from your deposit.

If you are unable to fulfill a race assignment, and not able to find your own substitute, you must notify the volunteer coordinator by 6:00pm on the Sunday preceding the race, and you will forfeit $200 of your deposit. This rule is true for each race you need to work. Backing out of your commitment after 6:00pm on the Sunday preceding the race will result in the loss of your total deposit.

Race Day Requirements

You must check in at the race registration table and sign a USSA waiver form. Checking in is required regardless of your position or experience. Do not go directly to the race shack.  You must be on time. A $100 fee will be deducted from your race commitment deposit if you check in late.

Race Worker Coordinator Contact Information

To notify the race worker coordinator that you are making a substitution or unable to fulfill a commitment, or for general questions and information about volunteering at races, please contact: Liz Hackett at liz.hackett@alumni.nd.edu.